slightly unravelled

Saturday, November 11, 2006


When I started this purse (2 months ago?) it was intended for a specific event, but then my wardrobe plans changed and the almost-finished bag was cast aside. I just got around to finishing it.

It's really too soft to be a purse -- I want to curl up and cuddle with it. I used two strands of lace-weight baby alpaca (accounting for the softness) and one strand of Rowan Kid Silk Night (accounting for the fuzziness and the sparkle). I sewed it onto a metal frame and added lining (left over fabric from the fake-a-gamo lining). It was very quick to knit, but took much longer to sew onto the frame and sew in the lining.

Clearly it's a bag looking for an occasion, and I'll do my best to find it one. I can't wait to place dainty things into it and take it out on the town!

Sparkle clutch

Sparkle clutch inside

sparkle clutch open