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Monday, February 28, 2011

Panda Pillows

A while back I stumbled upon some dish towels at Anthropologie that had the Marimekko panda design. They were on clearance, but still expensive for dish towels. Instead of thinking of them as dish towels, I thought of them as fabric and bought two. Originally I had some sort of bag-making plan in mind, but it never fully developed, and the towels then languished with the rest of my fabric collection for a few years.

Until suddenly I had a need (or a want, more accurately) for some smallish pillows, and thought the towels could work.

Pillows made from Marimekkio dishtowels

I love them. It's the best use of the towels I can think of, although a bag would have been pretty cool.

Pillow made from Marimekko dishtowels

I made them envelope-style for easy removal and cleaning.

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