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Monday, June 04, 2007


Yesterday when I finished Rusted Root, despite the few things with which I was dissatisfied, I was too tired of it to put any more effort into it. I thought it was fine as it was, and I had planned to wear it today. However, the heavy rain this morning caused me to rethink my wardrobe plans, so I didn't end up wearing it today.

I hadn't been too concerned about the problems until I saw the pictures of it (the problems really showed up in the pics), and I spent the day mulling it over and decided I needed to spend a little more time on it and fix the things that were bugging me.

I wove in a bit of yarn on the back at the spot where I'd made a mistake in the lace to make that large hole smaller. I *think* it's invisible now...can you see it in the pics? Here's a close(ish)-up.

Rusted Root close up

Now, there are not a lot of things that I hate more than binding's so tedious! One thing I hate more is ripping out a bind-off, putting the stitches back on the needle, and redoing the bind-off. But I did it. The bind off from yesterday was so shoddy-looking that I knew I needed to take the time to fix it. This one looks better, but I do miss the elasticity of the other one!

Rusted Root

I'm much happier with the sweater now! I feel like I even look happier with it in the pictures!


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