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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wavy bag

feather and fan bag

I made this bag using two balls of Filatura Di Crosa Print 127. I started out making a scarf in the yarn with the feather and fan stitch. I loved the look, but it seemed too scratchy for a scarf. So I knit it in the same stitch but made the piece wider. I used one ball for each half and seamed the two together.

I bought some wooden handles and chose a purple cotton print to line the bag. I didn't have any good plans for attaching the handles with yarn, so I made tabs with the fabric to loop through the holes on the handles -- that's my favorite part of the bag.

I like the bag, but it's not terribly practical. It's a true "hand bag," so there's no getting it onto my shoulder and out of the way. It's fine for small outings, but it wouldn't serve for any serious errand-running.

feather and fan bag


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