slightly unravelled

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Super-Cute Super-Mini Sweater

I finished my minisweater and I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

Okay, it still needs a little blocking to get the fit right, but my iron seems to have just stopped working so I think I'll have to buy a new one before I can get the sweater perfect.

I used Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk and adjusted the pattern to use the smaller yarn and size 4 needles. I did this to give it a more refined look (notice I'm not calling it a "boob holder." It's refined). I didn't do the spiky border that's in the original pattern, but I kept the puffy sleeves...I love them!

If things go well, it will soon have a coordinating little purse in the fake-a-gamo stitch pattern.