slightly unravelled

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I seem to have taken a little break...but I am back now. It's a combination of things -- I haven't been doing as much knitting lately (but I've got the itch again), Ravelry fulfilled my "I need to show off what I made on the internet" needs to a certain extent, and, I don't know...laziness?

But! I browsed back through the blog and realized how much I enjoyed having that chronological record of what I've made and what I was thinking when I did it. So I'd like to get back to it. Probably not frequently, and probably not spectacularly (and, honestly, probably not to be widely-read), but hopefully somewhat consistently.

Let's start with the knitting I have done in the last year or so. I haven't been great at updating Ravelry either, and I put this stuff up there recently and realized I was quite fuzzy on the details...I have no idea what size needles I used or even which pattern for one of the items. These are details I need to know! Hopefully I'll be able to be more diligent from now on...

Victor hat

This is the Victor hat from Kate Gilbert (ravelry link). I knit it with 4 colors of Merino Style from knitpicks. I think the hat is adorable and I made the whole thing during one flight, so it was pretty quick. I have plenty of the yarn left over in all 4 colors and am planning to make another of these hats for a pregnant friend.

Baby Surprise Sweater Baby Surprise Sweater

This is a baby surprise jacket (ravelry link) knit in knitpicks Swish DK. Easy-peasy.

Baby Booties and Kurbis Baby Hat

And this is a Kurbis Baby Hat (ravelry link) I used knitpicks Swish Worsted. Again, easy and fun. But those booties? I have no idea what pattern that was. Sigh.

February Baby Sweater February Baby Sweater

This is a February Baby Sweater (ravelry link) where I replaced the lace pattern with plain stockinette. I think it gives it a nice cozy look! I was trying to make this one bigger than the standard size, so I scaled it all up...I think it's probably a 15-month - 18 month size or so. But of course, don't ask me what factor I scaled by...I have no idea anymore!

Moderne Baby Blanket

And finally, here's a Moderne Baby Blanket (ravelry link), knit in 4 colors of knitpicks Swish Worsted. It was a little boring to knit, but I was happy with the way it came out!