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Monday, January 16, 2006

Hobo Chic?

I just finished these wrist warmers. And I started them yesterday. I had been wanting to make some, but most of the patterns require circular needles, which I haven't felt quite ready for yet. There are a few patterns floating around for 2-needle wrist warmers like these, but I didn't much like any of the patterns. Most of them are just rectangles with no shaping. I wanted mine to have more shape, and I thought they'd be sexier if they were longer than most that I've seen. So I sat down with a tape measurer, graph paper, and yarn and made up my own pattern! I'm happy with how they turned out, but they're a little loose, so if I had it to do again, I'd make some changes. Also, they're about an inch shorter than I wanted them to be, but I didn't have enough yarn to make them the length I had planned. Oh, the yarn is the best part. I used one skein of Noro Kureyon (yes, the same yarn that I used in the stupid hat), so that's why they're different colors. It wasn't a mistake -- I had planned it. It's my favorite thing about them. Really, I question the practicality of these things, but I don't care. They're so cool that I plan on wearing them all the time even if they don't serve much of a purpose....other than to keep my wrists from being chilly while my fingers freeze.

This is what they looked like before I seamed them.

I feel like a crafty rockstar...


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