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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Almost One Quarter Finished with Recycled Sari Silk Bag

Here's one piece completed. The whole bag will be four of these pieces and a strap. And it's supposed to be that shape! This is not another one of my mistakes!

I don't have any big safety pins or stitch holders, so I had to fashion one out of a big paperclip.

The yarn is a little more eyelashy than I'd like, but I still think the bag will be great. Oh, and yeah, "eyelash" has an adjectival form. At least, it does if you're referring to yarn...I wouldn't try in many other contexts.

So far the only new technique for me in this pattern is knitting in the front and back of the same stitch. It's easy. I've found a few good web resources for looking up knitting techniques. One is knittinghelp. They offer a bunch of free videos to show various knitting techniques. I haven't even looked at any of the videos, though, because their pictures and descriptions are good, too. And they show everything in both continental style and English style, which is much better than some other websites that just show continental.

Also, knitty has some great articles with pictures for beginning knitters. And their forum (annoyingly called the "coffeeshop") has lots of useful tips for knitters, new and experienced. I even read there about how to felt at a laundromat.


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