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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Here's a summary of the crochet projects I've completed:

My first (after a potholder that's neither photo-worthy nor very functional) is this belt. It's just done in single-crochet, and the yarn is a really soft Jaeger Baby Merino in a multi-tone green/brown that gave it that camo-effect. The belt's okay, but would work better if it were sewn to some sort of backing to make it less flimsy.

Next I made an ipod cozy. I was using a pattern from, but it's really just a rectangle that gets sewn up. I thought it would be great to use this fun yarn with metallic bits in it, but it kind of defeated the purpose of the cozy, as the screen's since gotten a little scratched up, I think from those metallic bits. It's made with some novelty yarn from Gedifra.

I liked that cozy so much that I made another for my camera. I used a cotton yarn that I found in a sale bin in a really nice huge yarn store in Seattle (huge compared to the tiny stores in NYC). It's hard to show as well in a picture since, obviously, I couldn't have my camera in it while I took the picture.


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