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Saturday, January 07, 2006

I was home over Christmas and enlisted my mother's help with my first knitting project. It's a hat from this knitty pattern. I don't yet have a picture of myself wearing it, but will get one and post it later. In-person reactions to it have so far been mixed.
The hat went surprisingly well, so I decided to start a sweater. I am using a pattern from the Spring 2005 Adrienne Vittadini pattern book. The pattern I'm using is this one. The yarn is an alpaca/wool mix. The sweater's almost done; I'm just finishing the seams. I used big needles and (accidentally) a technique that twists the stitches, making the appearance very textured. I think it would look much better if I hadn't done that, but I've learned now and am not knitting my next project that way.
Oh, but the knitting on the sweater only took a few days. I'm not sure exactly how many, but it was less than a week!
Once it's completely done, I'll post a picture of it on me.


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