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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why am I making sleeves?

One hourglass sleeve is done. The picture is as of last night; I've since finished that sleeve, attached it to the sweater, and started on the second sleeve. That sleeve took a lot longer than I thought it would. I started it on Friday, and I actually had visions of having both sleeves done by the end of last weekend.

Now that I think about it, sleeves seem silly. Sweaters don't need sleeves. In fact, I generally prefer them without. I think I'll keep the sleeve-making to a minimum in the future. I'll save my time and my yarn for more interesting endeavors (like a modified version of this, which I'll start as soon as the hourglass is done).

The sleeve did make for more portable knitting than the sweater, though. Someone saw me knitting it and asked if I was making something for my "daughter." That was just...weird.

The next sleeve may take even longer because I have another project I hope to complete this weekend. Curtain making!


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