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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Finally, it looks like a bag

Here's the almost-finished sari silk hobo bag (from knitty pattern unbiased). I've made the 4 pieces and sewn them together; all that's left is knitting on the strap. This has kind of been my "utility project." I don't work on it at home much because it's a little boring, but it's great for taking with me to work on other places (waiting for class to start, on the subway, at the dentist, etc.) because it's easy and doesn't require me to do much thinking. I could probably make the strap and finish it up tonight, but I really should do other things besides knit. And, it'll be good to have the strap to work on before class this week....especially since in past weeks, people in my classes have asked me what I'm making and looked skeptical when I said it was a bag (it's true, that didn't look much like a bag). So if they see me knitting a strap on this, that will probably do wonders for my perceived level of sanity.


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