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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bonus Project

I bought these beads quite awhile ago, and finally decided to put them together into this necklace. Of course, by now I've completely forgotten what the design was that I had in mind when I bought the beads, so I had to come up with another one.

I actually put it together a few days ago and then wore it for a day. I had originally put one of the little purple beads at the intersection point because I wanted it to be subtle. But that didn't work very well to allow all the strands to meet, so there was some extra space with exposed wire that I couldn't get rid of. So today I took some of it apart and re-strung it with the big bead at the intersection....not sure yet how I feel about it. I think it makes it a little more "busy" than I wanted, but it's still nice.

The necklace has two of my favorite characteristics (lavender and asymmetric).

If you click on the picture you get a frighteningly close-up enlarged view of my neck...


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